Equivalent of which in Windows, where is a command stored?

The which command will give the location of a command in Linux. For example-

 $ which date

In Windows, we have the where command which is available from Windows 2003 onwards. For example-

C:\Users\Administrator>where cmd

If you run it in a Powershell, use where.exe because where is an alias for Where-Object.


VMFS does not stripe across LUNs or extents

Note that the VMFS does not stripe across LUNs when more
than one LUN is allocated to a given VMFS volume.

VMFS Best Practices Guide

The hosts try to put distance between themselves on the datastore to reduce any contention for resources, but they still try to keep the objects that they manage close together.

VMFS Extents – Are they bad, or simply misunderstood?