Creating boot device on a Cisco UCS C Series server using the cli

I am going to install ESXi on a bunch of UCS C Series rack mount servers. They are M4’s with SD card (from Cisco called FlexFlash) and I want to install ESXi on the SD card. I want to create boot devices and order such that KVM mapped ISO is the first boot device followed by the SD card. I can do this from the CIMC GUI but there’s always a faster way. I ssh to the CIMC as admin and paste these commands into the terminal.

scope bios
create-boot-device Hypervisor SDCARD
create-boot-device DVD VMEDIA
scope boot-device DVD
set subtype KVMDVD
set order 1
set state Enabled
scope boot-device Hypervisor
set order 2 
set state Enabled

The CIMC command line is a no brainer if you have the love for command line and a minimal experience on IOS. To do anything BIOS related- show or set, you enter the BIOS scope which I did in the first line using the command scope bios. I use create-boot-device to create boot devices. Next, I enter into each device scope to do further settings. And to make change persistent, I run the commit command.

Here I display the boot order settings that were created

C220-XXXXXXXXXXX /bios # show boot-device
Boot Device                    Device Type  Device State       Device Order
------------------------------ ------------ ------------------ ----------------
DVD                            VMEDIA       Enabled            1
Hypervisor                     SDCARD       Enabled            2
C220-xxxxxxxxxxx /bios #

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