Unable to launch KVM from IMM. This feature requires a valid activation key to be installed

No. The problem is not on the browser.

I am going to install ESXi on an IBM X series server. When I try to launch the remote console, it will not and displays this message:

This feature requires a valid activation key to be installed.

I have had numerous problems with IMM KVM console because of Java and browser settings. So my intelligent brain immediately thinks- software problem. The word key makes me think of certificates. I change browser to browser with no success. This is really breaking my head. What am I missing?

I googled the exact phrase which takes me to this thread on IBM Developerworks forum- this feature requires a valid activation key to be installed.

They key here is not a software key but a real physical key that should be plugged into the mainboard to enable premium features of IMM.

IBM offers two levels of IMM, Standard and Premium. If the server has IMM Standard functionality, it can be upgraded to IMM Premium by purchasing and installing a Virtual Media Key (either part number 46C7526 or 46C7527, depending on the server) on the server system board. This key is a physical component (Figure 1). However, no new firmware is required. IMM Premium provides Remote Presence and Virtual Media capabilities.

Well, it could also be a software key but your browser has nothing to do with it.

Integrated Management Module II (IMM2) is the second-generation management module integrated on System x servers. IMM2 will offer three levels of functionality: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Starting with IMM2, the Virtual Media Key will no longer be used. Upgrading to Standard or Advanced will be performed using a software license key using a procedure named IBM Feature on Demand (FoD).

Source: IMM and IMM2 Support on IBM System x and BladeCenter Servers


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