Locate a server using UCS Manager CLI

I have the name of an UCS B series blade server that I need to configure. I need to locate the blade on an UCS Manager.

We can login to the UCS Manager GUI but that will take a long time. We can do it much quicker on the CLI. Ssh to the UCSM and and run these commands

ssh user@ucsm
UCSM-A# show service-profile  status | grep server_name

This will work if the service-profile matches the server. But the service profile may be named differently ( which I hate) than the server name. Try this

UCSM-A /org # scope org GIS_HADOOP
UCSM-A /org # show  service-profile detail | grep 'User Label:' | grep server_name

Hopefully, the user label should have the server name. The user label is what you see within bracket next to profile name in the UCSM GUI.


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