vNIC, vmnic naming mismatch in UCS and ESXi

I cannot get an ESXi host management network up in UCS B series blade. My friend has trouble kickstarting Linux on a different B series blade.

Check the vNIC ordering in UCS. The interface ordering in the OS usually match the vNIC ordering in UCS but not always. For instance it should be
vmnic0 = vNIC0
eth0 = vNIC0

Depending on how it was setup this is not always the case. Hence match the mac address in OS and UCS to verify. It saved my day.


Install dig, nslookup in CentOS

You can’t “yum install -y dig” to install dig because dig is not a package. The package that provides dig, nslookup and host commands is bind-utils.

Have you ever needed to install these commands? Probably not unless you have a minimal install where even some basic tools are missing. This is great because it forces you to learn.

Which package provides dig?
rpm -qf which dig

Files/commands provided by bind-utils
rpm -ql bind-utils