Nutanix Community Edition on ESXi

I met someone who said that his boss was pursuing NPX Certification, VMware’s VCDX equivalent for Nutanix. I have never heard of Nutanix before. Then one day I googled it and spent a good part of the day and night reading and watching Nutanix.

If you have not heard of Nutanix , this video is a good start. Fast forward to this year, they have come up with their own Hypervisor Acropolis which is based on KVM. This is another video to watch Nutanix – Invisible Infrastructure.
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Mount logical volume from a duplicate PV in Linux

How do you mount logical volume from a duplicate PV? The duplicate PV here is a VMware VM vmdk restored from a NAS datastore snapshot, NAS datastore snapshot being the backup method for VM in our NAS cluster.

1) I use the datastore browser to copy the vmdk from [datastore].snapshot/snapshot_time_folder/vmname/diskname.vmdk to a folder in [datastore]vmname/backup

2) I attach the copied vmdk to the VM

3) After this, LVM commands inside the Guest OS reports a duplicate PV and I cannot access the VGs and LVs from the restored disk. The reason being that the PV, LV and VG has the same UUID as the original ones still mounted. Continue reading

Deploy Nexus 1000v to ESXi to learn NX-OS commands

In this guide, we are going to deploy N1Kv virtual switch to ESXi using the ovf/ova solely for the purpose of learning NX-OS rather than what’s it made for – vSphere VM networking. Therefore, we will not be concerned with the intricate requirements for a successful N1Kv deployment for ESXi hosts.

Download the Nexus 1000V bundle from Cisco. You will need a Cisco SSO account. The bundle I download is a zip file Nexus1000v.4.2.1.SV2.1.1. It has both ova (single file) and ovf (multiple files). I used the ova because ovf didn’t work for me.

1) In vSphere client File-> Deploy OVF Template.

2) Browse to the ova file location which is in my case
Drive:\Nexus1000v.4.2.1.SV2.1.1\VSM\Install\nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.1.1.ova and click Next twice.
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