Nutanix Community Edition on ESXi

I met someone who said that his boss was pursuing NPX Certification, VMware’s VCDX equivalent for Nutanix. I have never heard of Nutanix before. Then one day I googled it and spent a good part of the day and night reading and watching Nutanix.

If you have not heard of Nutanix , this video is a good start. Fast forward to this year, they have come up with their own Hypervisor Acropolis which is based on KVM. This is another video to watch Nutanix – Invisible Infrastructure.

As a new Nutanix fan on the block, how do you try it? The answer is Nutanix CE. Simple, if you have a hardware, any hardware to deploy it. The good new is, it can be deployed as a nested virtualization. Following this blog post, I was able to deploy one myself on ESXi 5.5.

I followed pretty much every step from, so I wont repeat the step except these two points

1) The root password if you need to login before and after the installation is root/nutanix/4u
2) The virtual ssd was not detected as ssd. I found a solution here

Creating VM on Nutanix
Once you have access to Prism, creating a VM is simpler than I could ever write a guide. But I had to do some search on how to upload the ISO. From a VMware perspective, you immediately think of the datastore browser. However, If you have work on VMware long enough, you would have winscp’d to the host to access the datastore. That is how it works here. You sftp (port 2222) to the CVM (The IP you use to connect to Prism).

The next part of how does it work here is the networking. It won’t let you create a network without a vlan ID . The Acropolis Hypervisor is essentially a VM on ESXi. So mostly likely it can treated as if the uplink NIC is connected to an access port, meaning no vlan tagging required. I used 0 and it works.


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