Get a list of all hosts in vCenter using vSphere PowerCli

Connect-VIServer $vCenterServer
Get-VMHost | Select Name,Version,Build


A good part of today was spent on understanding the order of filesystem mounting in RHEL6

I have been living under the assumption that in Linux, filesystems are mounted solely based on the order in /etc/fstab. This is true only as long as they are the same filesystem type- local or network. I spent a good deal of time today revisiting the boot process and understanding the order of mounting in RHEL 6. And this post applies to RHEL 6 because I can’t say for sure for other distro or other RHELx without a close look but I am guessing it should be close to similar for pre-RHEL6 versions.

The Problem
User wants to mount an NFS volume with a dependency on local lv. Thinking the order is what matters in fstab, I place it like this in fstab and reboot.
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