Mounting sub-directory from an NFS export

Till a few minutes ago, I didn’t know you can mount a sub-directory inside an NFS export. The NFS server here is a NetApp NAS. Our NAS guys have been asking me because customers have been asking them. I have been saying no until they showed me a server where it’s done that way.

NAS guys tell me they can’t export any further directory outside of a Q Tree. Say NAS:/vol/app is the Q tree. App guys want to mount NAS:/vol/app/web to /mount_point. Apparently, they have other directories in NAS:/vol/app/ and they want to hide all except “web” to a server.

The steps do achieve this would be

1) Mount NAS:/vol/app/ to /temp_mount_point
2) Create the directory structure you need
3) Unmount/temp_mount_point and mount the desired sub-directory to the desired mount point.

Not exactly but related threads

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Bottom line- I thought I knew NFS!


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