Nutanix, Ravello, Cisco Cloud Lab and Tech Field day

When I learned about Nutanix last year, I was glued to it the whole day. Nutanix is a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution which supports kvm, ESXi and Hyper-V. HCI is a system in which compute and storage are tightly coupled as opposed to Converged Infrastructure (such as vBlock) where each component- compute, storage etc.. can be independently used. Last year they launched their hypervisor called Acropolis based on kvm. Their management GUI Prism is html5, No flash/No Java. It’s pretty nice, seems like they have done what Red Hat couldn’t do with RHEV-M.

This is a nice intro video on Nutanix. If you want to give it a spin, try the Community Edition as Nested Virtualization on ESXi. You can also spin up a Nutanix instance on Ravello.

Ravello is another interesting company founded by the founders of Quamranet, the guys who made kvm. They let you run hypervisors in the cloud- AWS and GCE. The last time I tried, you can get upto 8G RAM for free. Oracle has acquired Ravello.

Cisco Demo Cloud
If you are looking for an NX-OS simulator to learn networking, look no further than Cisco Demo Cloud lab. All you need is a account, which is free! Once you log in, lookout for “Cisco Nexus 7000: Introduction to Cisco NX-OS v1”

Tech Field Day
This is a valid reason to watch YouTube at work! If you have not heard of Tech Field Day, search it on YouTube. Startups and big tech companies come to showcase their new stuff on Tech Field day. It may not be your field but it will give you the awareness

Ravello at Tech Field Day
Cisco ACI at Tech Field Day


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