You will not be able to login to ESXi 6 U2 with ssh-dss keys

I could not login to ESXi 6 host with my ssh keys. As root login with password was enabled, I could login using password. I checked for known symptoms. AuthorizedKeysFile points to the right location. AuthorizedKeysFile had my keys.

grep AuthorizedKeysFile /etc/ssh/sshd_config
AuthorizedKeysFile /etc/ssh/keys-%u/authorized_keys
cat /etc/ssh/keys-root/authorized_keys

What could be wrong?
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How to add and remove VM’s disk using PowerCLI

Open PowerCLI console and connect to the vCenter where the VM is located. Then, we will retrieve the VM we want to modify and store it is a variable.

#Connect to vCenter
Connect-VIServer -Server
#Get the VM and store it in a variable
$vm = Get-VM MyVM

Lets examine the VM’s hard disks. There are two of them.
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Upgrading ESXi 5.5. to ESXi 6 with the ISO

This is not a comprehensive guide on upgrading to vSphere 6. If that is your intention, this is what you should read

Derek Seaman’s guide to vSphere 6.0

This is just my notes on upgrading a few 5.5 hosts to 6. The rule of thumb is that your vCenter version should be equal or greater than ESXi. We already have a vCenter 6 running.

The preferred method of upgrading on a large scale is to use Update Manager. I used ISO for this upgrade. Since the HW is Cisco, I downloaded a Cisco custom ISO from VMware website. I verified the checksum to save time in case the downloaded ISO is corrupted. Continue reading