How to view older tasks and events in vCenter

In vSphere client, go to

  • File
  • Client Settings
  • Lists
  • and locate Page size.

Increase the page size from any value between 10 and 1000.


Much thanks to

The web client displays the tasks 100 at a time. Use the next and previous buttons to view the next or previous 100 tasks. Every time you do this, you will need to repeat your search. That is, after clicking next or previous, click on the search bar and hit enter.


I was investigating how a host disappeared from one of our clusters. I went to PowerCLI Get-VIEvent but there wasn’t any event related to the host. There isn’t a Cmdlet to retrieve tasks. There is Get-Task but not flexible like Get-VIEvent such as the ability to target start time and number of events to return. In my search on how to export task, I found the post by Simon Long. After increasing the page size, I discovered a team member who had left us removed the host from the cluster, most likely in this attempt to fix an issue.


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