Cannot manually run rules in Outlook for mac to existing mails

After years of using Lotus Notes at work, I am back to Outlook. This time Outlook for Mac with Office 365 Exchange server. I cannot apply rules to already existing emails on my inbox. For a while I thought I had the rules wrong or just don’t know how to use Outlook. If found the reason today:

Manually applying rules works only for On My Computer rules. You cannot use Outlook for Mac to manually apply server-based rules

My rules are server based. Therefore, I cannot apply them manually.


How to find interface name from /sys

It would be very rare to land on a Linux box without lspci (pciutils) installed. I faced an such rare issue today while helping a friend with his lfs machine. The network will not start because the interface eth0 is missing.

We were pretty sure we have the driver since we compiled VMXNET3 (CONFIG_VMXNET3=y) into the kernel. The first thing you would naturally do is, keep reading. is run lspci to check if the device is detected. There was no lscpi as it was a bare bone lfs system.

In the absence of lspci, When you restart network or ifup an interface and it complains the interface is missing “Device ethX does not seem to be present, delaying initialization”, you have the wrong interface name.

ifconfig -a and ip a s will show you all interfaces even if they have no IP assigned. If your system is so bare bones that you don’t have net-tools or iproute2, there are other means.

 # ls /sys/class/net/
 eno16780032  lo  sit0 


# cat /proc/net/dev

It was a case of wrong interface name in the config file. Once we find the correct interface name, the fix was a matter of renaming the config file and device name inside the config file .