Mapping interfaces in a guest domain to the OVS interface

Read Correlating OVS and Guest Domain Interfaces.

I have been using a combination of virsh domiflist domain_name and ovs-vsctl to map VM interfaces to OVS interface in an AHV environment.

From Scott’s post, I learned these new commands which are new to me.

ovs-vsctl list interface vnetX
ovs-vsctl get interface vnetX external_ids


The allssh command in a Nutanix CVM

The allssh command in a Nutanix CVM is an alias to __allssh which is a bash function defined in /usr/local/nutanix/profile.d/bashrc.

$ which allssh
alias allssh='__allssh'
$ type __allssh
__allssh is a function
__allssh () 
    OPTS="-t -o LogLevel=ERROR -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no";
    echo "Executing $CMDS on the cluster";
    for i in `svmips`;
        echo "================== "$i" =================";
        /usr/bin/ssh $OPTS $i "source /etc/profile;$@";