Importing a Workstation VM to AHV fails with NFS3ERR_NOENT error

To import a Workstation VM to AHV, KVM based Nutanix Hypervisor from Nutanix, I copied it to AHV container by WinSCPing to the the Prism IP:2222. While converting the vmdk to AHV format from Image Configuration, I got an error:

NFS: Lookup of /path/filename-flat.vmdk failed with NFS3ERR_NOENT(-2)

The error code NFS3ERR_NOENT means NFS is unable to find the file.

From RFC 1813:

       No such file or directory. The file or directory name
       specified does not exist.

The solution is to use .vmdk and not -flat.vmdk during conversion. The default disk format in VMware Workstation is monolithic sparse which is a single growable file.

From here:

VIXDISKLIB_DISK_MONOLITHIC_SPARSE – Growable virtual disk contained in a single virtual disk file. This is the default type for hosted disk, and the only setting in the Virtual Disk API Sample Code sample program.


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