If you haven’t heard of Cohesity, it’s time you do. If you have heard Cohesity is a backup company, that is good but we do more.

In a legacy setup, you have the following solutions from multiple vendors or at least they are different products from the same vendor.

  • Backup software
  • Storage to store the backup
  • Dedupe appliance
  • Archival
  • Cloud connector etc…

Cohesity does all of this in one box. When you buy Cohesity, you have all of these. Additionally, we do file and object shortage.

When you have all the data, what can you do with it? Analytics and Test/Dev.

Cohesity Cluster

What’s a Cohesity Cluster? A Cohesity Cluster consists of a bunch of nodes and provides the services mentioned above.

Cohesity Nodes

A Cohesity node consists of a computer node with SSD(s) and HDDs. CentOS 7x based OS and Cohesity software running on it.

Product types

Currently, the bulk of the install base is on our own hardware appliance. Customers can choose to run it in HP and Cisco hardware too.

We have Virtual Edition for VMware vSphere and Hyper-V. They are available as ova and vhd format respectively. Maybe we will have one for AHV in the future.

If you want to run Cohesity in the Cloud (on someone’s computer), why not? We have Cloud Edition for the three major Cloud providers.

Irrespective of the product type, the software remains the same. Once deployed, we use the same software package for an upgrade.

Cohesity is one platform with infinite possibilities.


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