Page Up, Page Down in Mac

As someone to new to Mac, I did miss the PageUp, PageDown keys. I just found that you could use the arrows keys in combination with fn key.

fn + Up Arrow for Page Up
fn + Down Arrow for Page down
fn + Left Arrow for top of the file
fn + Right Arrow for bottom of the file

I am not sure why I haven’t searched for the solution earlier. Perhaps I am content with the navigation keys in vi/less.

G – bottom of the file
g – start of the file


Quick guide to tmux

I resisted tmux for a long time until today because screen has everything I need and I was afraid of having to remember more key strokes and commands. I gave tmux a try today and I think I am going to like it.

Start new tmux session
tmux new

Exit session. This will end the session

Detach from the session. The session will keep running
^b d

Hit ^b, release and then hit d)

List existing tmux sessions
tmux ls

Attach a session
tmux attach-session -t
tmux a -t
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