There is no Glacier while adding S3 bucket Lifecycle rule

I am adding a Lifecycle rule to an AWS S3 bucket I have created. There is no option to transition to Glacier.


Is Glacier is not supported under Free Tier? I go back to AWS Console to check. I find the solution here. Glacier is not supported in Singapore Region. The bucket was created in Singapore Region and hence there is no option of Glacier in the Lifecycle rule.

Creating a new bucket in a different Region resolves the issue.



AWS IAM notes

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management. It is used to control access to AWS resources.

  • Not region specific unlike most AWS resources.
  • Users are people who will access your AWS resources.
  • Root account is the email ID with which your account was created.
  • It is advisable not to use the root account.
  • It is recommended to enable MFA for the root account.
  • Group is a way to combine users so we can apply policy to a group of users.
  • Roles is a way for resource to access another resource. Example would be permission for EC2 to access S3
  • Policy Documents are written in JSON and it is a key value pairs.
  • Policies can be attached to users, groups and resources.
  • Users have no permission by default. They will able to login but will not be able to do anything.
  • Users are assigned Secret Key ID and Secret Access Key. This is for communicating with AWS via API, CLI and SDK.
  • Users cannot login to the console using Secret Key ID and Secret Access Key.