VMFS does not stripe across LUNs or extents

Note that the VMFS does not stripe across LUNs when more
than one LUN is allocated to a given VMFS volume.

VMFS Best Practices Guide

The hosts try to put distance between themselves on the datastore to reduce any contention for resources, but they still try to keep the objects that they manage close together.

VMFS Extents – Are they bad, or simply misunderstood?


ESXi partition layout

The following partitions are created on the boot disk of ESXi.

Size Purpose
4.2 MB Boot
250 MB Boot Bank
250 MB Alternate Boot Bank
110 MB Coredump. Not used since ESXi 5.5. It exists for backward compatibility
2.5 GB Coredump. Introduced in ESXi 5.5, required for hosts with huge RAM
286 MB Store. Used for storing VMware tools etc..
4 GB Scratch. Persistent storage for log files, not created on USB and SD card installation
Remaining Space VMFS, local datastore. Not created on USB and SD card installation

Get partition table of the disk where ESXi is installed:

esxcli storage core device partition list
partedUtil getptbl /vmfs/devices/disks/ESXi_install_disk

The size of a partition is (End Sector – Start Secore) * 512 bytes.

Check active coredump partition:

esxcli system coredump partition list

Get a list of mounted filesystems. The boot partition and coredump partitions will not be mounted.