Trigger PSOD or NMI on Nutanix NX nodes running ESXi

From the ESXi command line
/ipmitool chassis power diag

Remotely using ipmitool
ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U -P chassis power diag run

You can also trigger a PSOD on ESXi by running
vsish -e set /reliability/crashMe/Panic 1


Find raid members in a Nutanix CVM

cat /proc/mdstat
lsblk | grep md

In a Nutanix node with more than one SSD, software raid is created in the CVM using the SSD disks for the following purposes.

md0: / Active Boot, 10 GB
md1: Inactive Boot, 10GB. Will not be mounted.
md2: /home, 40 GB

After upgrade, active and inactive boot volumes will interchange.