Cannot connect to CIMC

We cannot reach the CIMC of a C series Cisco server. It was working perfectly before. We couldn’t ping it. Soft reboot, physical power cycle did not help. There are no errors on the switch ports. The ports are the server and switch do not have link. A colleague was able to reach the CIMC by directly connecting his laptop to the CIMC NIC port. This proves the CIMC is working fine. He set the CIMC NIC to auto negotiate which fixed the issue. We are still at lost why it worked before as there has been no change in the switch.

Auto-negotiate is our standard configuration. This server being one of the first we deployed, we might have missed this step.

This is our standard CIMC network configuration.

scope cimc
scope network
set mode dedicated
set redundancy none
set auto-negotiate yes

Creating boot device on a Cisco UCS C Series server using the cli

I am going to install ESXi on a bunch of UCS C Series rack mount servers. They are M4’s with SD card (from Cisco called FlexFlash) and I want to install ESXi on the SD card. I want to create boot devices and order such that KVM mapped ISO is the first boot device followed by the SD card. I can do this from the CIMC GUI but there’s always a faster way. I ssh to the CIMC as admin and paste these commands into the terminal.

scope bios
create-boot-device Hypervisor SDCARD
create-boot-device DVD VMEDIA
scope boot-device DVD
set subtype KVMDVD
set order 1
set state Enabled
scope boot-device Hypervisor
set order 2 
set state Enabled

The CIMC command line is a no brainer if you have the love for command line and a minimal experience on IOS. To do anything BIOS related- show or set, you enter the BIOS scope which I did in the first line using the command scope bios. I use create-boot-device to create boot devices. Next, I enter into each device scope to do further settings. And to make change persistent, I run the commit command. Continue reading