Manage IPMI remotely with SMCIPMITool

If the IPMI webpage isn’t loading, you can run ipmitool locally from the OS that is installed on the server. If both are inaccessible but the IPMI remains accessible from the network, SMCIPMITool could be you friend. Unlike IMM and CIMC, IPMI doesn’t provide ssh.

You can grab a copy of SMCIPMITool from Supermicro. You can run it in two modes- shell mode and command mode.

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Unable to launch KVM from IMM. This feature requires a valid activation key to be installed

No. The problem is not on the browser.

I am going to install ESXi on an IBM X series server. When I try to launch the remote console, it will not and displays this message:

This feature requires a valid activation key to be installed.

I have had numerous problems with IMM KVM console because of Java and browser settings. So my intelligent brain immediately thinks- software problem. The word key makes me think of certificates. I change browser to browser with no success. This is really breaking my head. What am I missing? Continue reading