Deploy Nexus 1000v to ESXi to learn NX-OS commands

In this guide, we are going to deploy N1Kv virtual switch to ESXi using the ovf/ova solely for the purpose of learning NX-OS rather than what’s it made for – vSphere VM networking. Therefore, we will not be concerned with the intricate requirements for a successful N1Kv deployment for ESXi hosts.

Download the Nexus 1000V bundle from Cisco. You will need a Cisco SSO account. The bundle I download is a zip file Nexus1000v.4.2.1.SV2.1.1. It has both ova (single file) and ovf (multiple files). I used the ova because ovf didn’t work for me.

1) In vSphere client File-> Deploy OVF Template.

2) Browse to the ova file location which is in my case
Drive:\Nexus1000v.4.2.1.SV2.1.1\VSM\Install\nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV2.1.1.ova and click Next twice.
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